Current State of Affairs @ neweralinux

Newera Linux is a new desktop operating system to be released in 2020.
Neweralinux is currently being fully tested and fine tuned as well as updated and hardened at October 2018.
More information is available on the product website @
Any comments are welcome and I am aware that not all websites and social media is fully up to date.
This project is alive and evolving as you read as well as running websites, servers and a myriad of other daily admin stuff on my desktop
– currently based on ubuntu 18.04
– using Arch/ubos for *server and AWS hooks *server and some admin control cli/panels
– currently stationed, parked and operating on my HP i5 laptop as the only OS.
– Backed up daily as an ISO , Snapshot, VM image and tested on other devices regularly.
– My current desktop is pictured above (scroll <>) with browser full screen at this site. (nov 2018)
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Newera Linux

Newera Linux is not another linux distribution. Newera Linux is a desktop operating system due for release in 2020. Newera Linux is currently being tested and fine tuned as well as updated and hardened. Fast, `state of the art’ always up to date system with beautiful graphics and full multi-media control. Newera Linux is also a […]