Newera LinuxNewera Linux is a desktop operating system due for release in 2020.

Newera Linux is not your average linux distribution.

Newera Linux is currently being tested and fine tuned as well as updated and hardened – December 2018.

Newera Linux Desktop


Newera Linux
Tuning a few aspects of the audio settings in Newera Linux – September 2018.

Fast, `state of the art’ always up to date system with beautiful graphics and full multi-media control.

Newera Linux is also a self contained internet server which can create, prepare, deploy, ssl and host your WordPress Website in a few clicks.

Newera Linux uses Ubuntu 18.04 as it’s core and is fully updated and compatible with all current Ubuntu software.

Operating System and Cloud Based Internet Server supplied on a USB Stick.

Plug it into your notebook along with a 27″ monitor and wireless keyboard/mouse combo and your in business with the latest cloud based internet system.

It can also be installed on your device instead of Windows as either a dual boot

(windows or newera available) 

or as your complete desktop powerhouse.

More details and full specifications available soon.


Newera Linux

Newera Linux is also being developed as a desktop system that runs on a mobile phone instead of using a laptop, tablet, etc.

Newera Linux on your phone

instead of Android or IOS.

Newera Linux
Newera Linux Mobile Desktop.