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Current State of Affairs @ neweralinux

newera cloud

Newera Cloud at this stage is not due for release until 2020. Newera Linux allows the user to choose their own choice of linux components (core, distro, desktop, server, cloud, etc) and the components can be added to or changed at any stage.

Newera Cloud

Computers & Internet Website

Internet, Cloud and E-commerce Services - Online Shops, Websites and related services.

Newera Cloud

1 day 46 minutes ago is a Knowledge Base in it's founding stages.

Newera Cloud

Newera Cloud

1 day 4 hours ago arrives soon @ ☁️ Newera.Cloud ⚡ 🌪 💻 🌤️ ~ #Newera ~ #NeweraCloud ~ #NeweraLinux ~ #NeweraDesktop ~ #NewCloudPC

Newera Cloud

5 days 23 hours ago can be followed as can ☁️Newera.Cloud ⚡ 🌪 💻 🌤️ ~ #Newera ~ #NeweraCloud #NeweraLinux ~ #NeweraDesktop ~ #NewCloudPC

Newera Linux Desktop Operating System (NLDOS)

desktop-system (current information)

Test Machine for Newera Linux

* Processor > Intel i5
* Ram > 4 gig
* Hard Drive > Sata 500 gig
* Operating System > Newera Linux
*Internet > 4g via tethered prepaid mobile
* Monitors > (2)
16” built in lcd. (HP)
24” hdmi lcd. (AOC)
* Input > wireless keyboard – wireless mouse – touchpad – android phone
* Linux Core > Debian – Ubuntu 18.04
* Server Core > Ubos – AWS
* Distro Core > KDE neon
* Desktop Core > KDE plasma

Current Test Environment

1. HP Notebook (local)
Admin and test zone for all sites.
(xamp on Newera Linux) (2 wordpress sites)
2. AWS (Cloud)
Production and public internet sites.
(1 x free tier instance) (13 wordpress sites)
15 x https wordpress sites
Cloud Drives:
one drive
amazon s3
Cloud Apps:
Customized apps are being used and tested and a range of gui based admin tools for Domain, DNS and website are included.
Sites up for over a year.
Initial devs started 2015.
 Newera Linux `Desktop Operating System' has been used extensively on the pc and designed for the latest cloud based internet, website and domain management.

Update July – 26 – 2019 is a current Newera Linux choice for supplying #NeweraDesktop on an external ssd drive that…

Posted by Newera Cloud on Friday, 26 July 2019
Newera Desktop @ June 2019

Newera Desktop @ July 2019Video – Newera Desktop – 8 minutes – tap2play | mp4Newera Linux is still under development and at this stage is testing various plasma based distros for compatibility. Tested and working so far (July 2019): Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Neon, Kaos, Fedora, Arch, OpenSUSE, Gecko, Debian.Final build at present: (1) Plasma Distro Compatible – (2) Arch Based Newera Distro.More info: https://neweralinux.comfirst published | July 2019volume @ bottom right on the playerneweracloud @ – #NeweraLinux – #NeweraDesktop – #NeweraCloudshare this video ⤵️

Posted by Newera Cloud on Thursday, 18 July 2019

June – 17 – 2019

June – 03 – 2019

This is the current 2 monitor desktop on the Newera Linux test laptop. The only apps running are the browsers and file…

Posted by Newera Cloud on Monday, 3 June 2019

Update March – 23 – 2019

Adjusting the jukebox on the Newera Llnux Desktop. It feeds 4 x 3 way 100 wat sony speakers = (@400wat) 8 woofers, 8 mid…

Posted by Duncan Williams on Friday, 22 March 2019

UpdateFebruary – 16th – 2019

UpdateFebruary – 3rd – 2019

This facebook group will be a forum later in the year for #Newera2020
> <

> <

UpdateJanuary – 21st – 2019

After downloading a few tracks from youtube

Amarock allows you to listen and view some details (mp3 / mp4)

update: January 18 – 2019

The pic (tap to enlarge) is the current core Linux distribution (KDE Neon) Desktop (KDE Plasma) for Newera Linux Desktop Operating System (NLDOS) which is under heavy development at present. These KDE products and their repositories are leaps and bounds in front of windows, mac, android, ubuntu, peppermint, etc. Being Ubuntu 18.04 based it is the perfect candidate and a groundbreaking step forward for #NeweraLinux @ #NeweraCloud in #Newera2019.

update: Saturday December 15 2018

2 screens and a virtual keyboard while doing some web and terminal stuff in Newera Linux.
A bit of multi media with youtube and wordpress active for editing in Newera Linux.

Some pictures and info snippets as the project moves forward.

Viewing articles full screen on monitor 1 in Newera Linux.
Scanning remote storage using updraft in browser in Newera Linux.
Copying wordpress website backups from google drive to mega drive using multcloud in browser in Newera Linux.
Newera Linux may include a set-top box.
Inline video while browsing facebook on full page browser.

desktop with full page browser @ Nov 2018
Newera Linux
Test sytem in `stand up and use’ mode @ Nov 2018

Newera Linux is a new desktop operating system to be released in 2020.
neweralinux is currently being fully tested and fine tuned as well as updated and hardened at October 2018.

newera linux


Ideation is the creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas, where an idea is understood as a basic element of thought that can be either visual, concrete, or abstract. Ideation comprises all stages of a thought cycle, from innovation, to development, to actualization.

Methodology is the systematic, theoretical analysis of the methods applied to a field of study. It comprises the theoretical analysis of the body of methods and principles associated with a branch of knowledge.

newera linux

newera dock

Ready to run your multimedia, apps, cloud, websites and much more.

PUMA Ideation Video

4 minute film by

Jake Bloodsworth, Yun Ji Chung, Brooke Edwards, Ben Steingold, Hanna Glück and Jasmine Yao.

Music: The Greatest Showman Cast – This Is Me

Published on 11 Dec 2018

Newera Cloud

Newera Linux

Newera Linux

Newera Linux

newera cloud

Newera Linux is not another linux distribution.

Newera Linux is a desktop operating system due for release in 2020.

Newera Linux is currently being tested and fine tuned

as well as updated and hardened.

Fast, `state of the art’ always up to date system with beautiful graphics and full multi-media control.

Newera Linux is also a self contained internet server which can create, prepare, deploy, ssl and host your WordPress Website in a few clicks.

Newera Linux uses Ubuntu and KDE at it’s core and is fully updated and compatible with all current Linux, Ubuntu, KDE and Plasma software, apps and widgets.

Plug it into your notebook along with a 27″ monitor and wireless keyboard/mouse combo and your in business with the latest cloud based internet system.

Newera Linux
Newera Linux Desktop devices.

As well as the system and included software you have a 512 gig portable USB hard drive.

newera linux

expand by adding any usb stick or drive.

It can also be installed on your device instead of Windows as either a dual boot

(windows or newera available)

or as your complete desktop powerhouse.

Information is posted regularly on

Operating System, 512 gig Hard Drive, Software, Cloud Based Apps/Internet Server and much more.

512 gig USB SSD Hard Drive – This fast drive lets you transfer and store large files up to ten times faster than USB 2.0 drives. USB 3.1 enabled (backward compatible with USB 2.0).
Self Hosted Server for quick automated deployment of SSL Secured WordPress Websites.

Hosting and server supplied as Self Managed, Assisted or Managed.

WordPress management tools for multiple sites.

100 gig cloud drives for storage, archive and backups.

Cloud based apps and management tools giving you comprehensive administration of your online assets with the latest established, secure, updated software onboard.

A solid tested structure for self hosting.

Reliable documentation, videos and manuals from original sources onboard.

More details will be added soon.
(full specifications available 2020)

Android device integration

KDE Connect is available which enables all your devices to communicate with each other. ie/
* Receive your phone notifications on your desktop computer and reply to messages
* Control music playing on your desktop from your phone
* Use your phone as a remote control for your desktop
* Run predefined commands on your PC from connected devices.
* Check your phones battery level from the desktop
* Ring your phone to help finding it
* Share files and links between devices
* Browse your phone from the desktop
* Control the desktop’s volume from the phone

Newera Linux on your phone instead of Android or IOS ?

Newera Linux may also be available as a desktop system that runs on a mobile phone instead of using a laptop or tablet.

Newera Linux Mobile Desktop.

More details and specifications available at

Current State of Affairs

Newera Linux

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This is the public facebook feed for Newera Cloud.

Newera Cloud

Computers & Internet Website

Internet, Cloud and E-commerce Services - Online Shops, Websites and related services.

Newera Cloud

Newera Cloud

2 months 6 days ago

Managing some #Wordpress websites with #NeweraLinux
using #CyberPanel & #MainWP

Newera Cloud

Newera Cloud

2 months 1 week ago

Launching a domain with a new self-hosted wordpress website with ssl.
Thats the 2 monitor screens on the `devs' HP laptop, a few apps and browser tabs are active and it's cruising on 8 gig of ram with it's quad core i5 processor and #NeweraLinux on the #NeweraDesktop making it a #NewCloudPC.
#WordpressHosting ~ #NeweraCloud ~ #Newera2020

Newera Cloud

2 months 1 week ago

Plasma Customization Saver
Info Video - 5 minutes - MP4 - Tap2play
Plasma 5 Add-Ons
`Configure plasma and save settings'
#Newera ~ #NeweraCloud ~ #NeweraLinux ~ #NeweraDesktop ~ #NewCloudPC​ ~ #Newera2020

Newera Cloud

Newera Cloud

2 months 2 weeks ago

With over 20 wordpress websites running on the cyberpanel server on it's `AWS cloud VPS'. Security from hacks and attacks is relevant. No one, can access the server other than https internet use. Unless I switch the 2 settings in the pic to my current IP (which changes all the time). One firewall, Two clicks, 2 minutes to access for a session, total protection.
#Simple ~ #Effective ~ #NeweraCloud

Newera Cloud

Newera Cloud

2 months 3 weeks ago

It's gradually absorbed the history and evaluated the darkest sides of humanity. It's capable of surviving a nuclear war. It holds the planets entire database in the cloud and can easily run forever on tiny solar power cells. Yeah, that's the World Wide Web evolving as a synthetic entity that knows us all...
~ Latest video in comment ~
Watch some solid science fiction becoming solid science fact @

#AI ~ #NewInternet ~ #Newera ~ #Newera2020

Newera Cloud

3 months 2 days ago

1 minute video - mp4 - tap2play
This is the sort of device that a base installation of Newera Linux will be available on next year. On a laptop, notebook or tablet you will be able to use #NeweraLinux instead of Windows or your current operating system by inserting the usb drive or by installing to the main drive on your device.
@ #NeweraDesktop on #NewCloudPC for #Newera2020
~~~ ~ ~ ~~~

Newera Cloud

Newera Cloud

3 months 2 days ago

After a few months testing #Neweralinux on KDE neon, I installed and setup Kubuntu 19.10 yesterday which will now run as core for the rest of this year. The specs in the pic show that my laptop is a bit dated but fully caters for it's continued development use next year. (devs)
@ #NeweraCloud on #NeweraLinux for #Newera2020
|~ #KDE ~ #Ubuntu ~ #Linux ~ #LiteSpeedServer ~ #TwentyTwenty ~|

Newera Cloud

3 months 3 weeks ago

Everything developed over the last 5 years or so is going through final updates, deletions.The final tools that form Newera.Cloud are going into place with the finishing touches for full production online in 2020.
That's the whole framework from start to finish, current and well tested in every way as well as decisions on what software is depended on & used for the next 3 years finished.

- - hasn't needed to change focus and the original concept remains. Things have never looked so positive as a rounded set of products and services have evolved.
#NeweraLinux on #NeweraDesktop as #NewCloudPC is your Personal Computer for Self Hosting, Home Entertainment and a Studio Workstation that leaves a current `windows laptop' in the dust.

It just gets better, easier, faster and more powerful in it's entirety due to the fact that all the other high tech components and availability has matured and is available.
Solid as a rock with every angle covered, tested, hardened and established with no dependencies on cost structure due to Linux and Open Source cloud based stability now being the future of the internet.

Now that established `state of the art', cheap and effective wireless gadgets and services are appearing everywhere to replace older media and home entertainment and the latest digital components with no moving parts requiring hardly any power to be `10 core processors' with 32 gig of ram, 500 gig ssd/usb storage, 500 gig of `cloud drives' tossed in, plug into your TV or Monitor for a high definition view of your new digital world.

~~~ ALL IN A DEVICE THE SIZE OF A MATCHBOX ~~~ > > > and much more available with just a tap or two of your device in #Newera2020.

(from: devs)

Newera Cloud

4 months 6 days ago

#WebHosting: Installing WordPress with LSCache,OpenLiteSpeed & CyberPanel
is a good solution to manage fast websites
using the latests tools and tech effectively.
#NeweraCloud ~ #WordpressHosting ~ #NeweraLinux

Newera Cloud

4 months 1 week ago

Once you start using the Toby chrome extension you can hide your bookmarks and start getting organised. If you make a habit for a week of using toby in a tab and adjust to it's capabilities you will realise what a great tool it is.
~ devs ~
Toby Mini allows you to set your own `new tab' which can contain your bookmarks, history, extensions, etc...
#NeweraCloud ~ #NeweraLinux ~ #Extensions