Current State of Affairs @ neweralinux

Some pictures and info snippets as the project moves forward.



Newera Linux

Desktop Operating System

Test Machine for Newera Linux

Current State of Affairs @ neweralinux
Device:HP 2000 notebook
ProcessorIntel i5
Ram4 gig
Hard DriveSata 500 gig
Operating SystemNewera Linux
Internet4g via tethered prepaid mobile
Monitors (2)
16” built in lcd. (HP)
24” hdmi lcd. (AOC)
Inputwireless keyboard – wireless mouse – touchpad (built in)
Distro Core
Ubuntu 18.04
Server Core
Ubos – AWS

Newera Linux Desktop  (NLD)

  • Is a desktop operating system for your device similar to a windows or mac pc but based on the latest long term release of ubuntu linux (18.04)
  • Controls the included cloud server (aws)
  • Runs all apps, control panels, admin pages and related software/cloud apps
    Streamlines many different operations into a few powerful control centers.
  • Allows you to have your choice of the latest linux apps available for Ubuntu onboard.

Current Test Environment

Servers:1. HP Notebook (local)
Admin and test zone for all sites.
(xamp on Newera Linux) (2 wordpress sites)
2. AWS (Cloud)
Production and public internet sites.
(1 x free tier instance) (13 wordpress sites)
Websites:15 x https wordpress sites
Cloud Drives:
one drive
amazon s3
Cloud Apps:
Customized apps are being used and tested and a range of gui based admin tools for Domain, DNS and website are included.
Devs:Sites up for over a year.
Initial devs started 2015.
 Newera Linux `Desktop Operating System' has been used extensively on the pc and designed for the latest cloud based internet, website and domain management.

update: Saturday December 15 2018

Internet Session. (test machine)

Currently using TOR Browser with a few firefox extensions for internet sessions and cloud based website admin. This is a powerful combination when set up correctly. The screenshots show the test machines two monitors with most admin controls (dock, panel, gnome extensions, cloud apps, etc) on the 16″ and the browser start page on the 24″. All apps/software can be moved between screens. The side-panel is open with bitwarden login vault (over 300 bookmarks – user/pswd/etc) which can automatically log into registered accounts and pages.
That’s military strength vpn with the strongest security available.
After testing different browsers extensively (chrome, firefox, opera, gnome web, brave and others) it seems that Tor is the best equipped for resource handling of intensive apps and web pages as well as complex VPN/network tasks while offering maximum security. The full details of using this system will be published at a later stage.
Starting a new session in the browser.
The cloudy apartments have a `your choice of search engines’ search bar and is the start page for bookmarks, sessions, to do, notes, apps and other stuff.  In the left pic it is bare and in the right pic it has been clicked once to reveal it’s components.

Current State of Affairs @ neweralinux
2 screens and a virtual keyboard while doing some web and terminal stuff in Newera Linux.
Current State of Affairs @ neweralinux
A bit of multi media with youtube and wordpress active for editing in Newera Linux.

Some pictures and info snippets as the project moves forward.

Current State of Affairs @ neweralinux
Viewing articles full screen on monitor 1 in Newera Linux.
Current State of Affairs @ neweralinux
Scanning remote storage using updraft in browser in Newera Linux.
Current State of Affairs @ neweralinux
Copying wordpress website backups from google drive to mega drive using multcloud in browser in Newera Linux.
Current State of Affairs @ neweralinux
Newera Linux may include a set-top box.
Current State of Affairs @ neweralinux
Inline video while browsing facebook on full page browser.

Current State of Affairs @ neweralinux

desktop with full page browser @ Nov 2018
Newera Linux
Test sytem in `stand up and use’ mode @ Nov 2018

Newera Linux is a new desktop operating system to be released in 2020.
neweralinux is currently being fully tested and fine tuned as well as updated and hardened at October 2018.