Newera Linux Desktop System

Newera Linux
  • Operating System, Hard Drive, Software, Cloud Based Apps, Internet Server and much more.
  • Linux & Android operating systems.
  • KDE Plasma Desktop
  • Self Hosted Server for quick automated deployment of SSL Secured WordPress Websites.
  • Hosting and server supplied as Self Managed, Assisted or Managed.
  • WordPress management tools for multiple sites.
  • Cloud drives for storage, archive and backups.
  • Cloud based apps and management tools giving you comprehensive administration of your online assets with the latest established, secure, updated software onboard.
  • Android device integration.
  • A solid tested structure for self hosting.
  • Reliable documentation, videos and manuals from original sources onboard.
  • Much more. (full specifications available soon.
Can be supplied on:
USB Stick
Is a desktop operating system for your device similar to a windows or mac pc based on the latest long term release of ubuntu linux (currently 20.04)
* Controls the included server.
* Runs all apps, control panels, admin pages and related software/cloud apps
* Streamlines many different operations into a few powerful control centers.
* Allows you to have your choice of the latest linux apps available for Ubuntu onboard.